Special Fasteners

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Standard fasteners are sufficient for some applications, but often, special bolts and nuts are required. Lightweight bolts made of aluminum or titanium are a good example, or stainless steel, rustproof fasteners or nuts and bolts with specific dimensions. These are fasteners that regular suppliers can not deliver or can not deliver quickly. PECO Select Fasteners can. If desired, a material certificate can be added.


PECO Select Fasteners B.V. is the reliable supplier of special bolts and nuts. We specialize and focus on delivering special fasteners. Do you want to buy bolts or nuts of specific dimensions, 100% European origin or of special material or quality (with certification)? Do not hesitate to contact us. No matter how specific your material: we deliver.

Cutom made nuts and bolts

Peco also deals with custom made nuts and bolts, and many of the other products in it’s category. Custom fasteners can be delivered from customer input in two ways.


In addition to special bolts and nuts, we also have many more fasteners in our product range. Examples are:

We can help you for other applications too. Also, you can call us for advice.

Other products

In addition to the assortment you find online, we supply all types of fasteners; customized or from stock. Examples of products that are not to be found online are in the list below.

  • tension bolts
  • All types of washers
  • Anchor bolts
  • Spring anchors

To order these products, any other, or for further inquiry, you will have to contact us.

Still don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us. PECO Select Fasteners is happy to help you with your project!

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