Hexagon bolts, nuts-washers and other fasteners

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Hexagon bolts, nuts-washers and other fasteners

PECO Select Fasteners is your partner for all kind of European fasteners. A wide variety of bolts-nuts-washers in all types of material grades.
According DIN or ISO, but also according samples or drawing, we are there for you!


Fasteners, a low interest product but… high priority! That is why PECO only delivers European sources and produced fasteners.
PECO Select Fasteners is focused on Special Fasteners. Where your regular supplier stops… PECO starts! “Your problem is our challenge” is one of our slogans.
If you are in need of (special) fasteners or just looking for a comparison of your regular supplier, please contact us.
We are there for you !

Overview of available material grades

Below a quick overiew of our available materials.

• 4.6/5.6/5.8/8.8/10.9/12.9
• ASTM A193 B7/B16/B8/B8M
• ASTM A194 Grade 2H/4/7/8/8M
• Duplex (1.4462)
• Super Duplex (1.4501)
• Hasteloy C276 / C4/ C5
• Titanium Grade 1-2-5
• 21CrMoV57/25CrMo4/34CrNiMo6/42CrMo4
• Stainless Steels grades A304/316/316Ti
• ASTM A 453 Gr660 A and B

Order direct via +31 (0)85 0432230