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PECO Select Fasteners is the certainty which you are looking for when it is about fasteners.

Our customers choose us, because we supply all kind of fasteners quick, on location at a price which suits them perfectly.

With our knowledge and flexibility we help our customers with a so called 1 shop stop system, fasteners, test certificates and transport in accordance with the requirements. For specials and custom made articles PECO Select Fasteners is the place to be. Sent your question or enquiry to the sales team of PECO and we will take care of it and arrange it. So you do not have to bother any more. 

Your "problem" is our challenge!

Shall we contact you, or do you prefer to read our brochure first?

Our products

PECO Select Fasteners supply a width range of fasteners, regular, special, custom made. PECO is also distributor (Benelux), with a huge stock of Friedberg, manufacturer of HSFG Bolts to EN 14339-4/6.

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Our references

Without PECO Select Fasteners a big part of the world would collapse.

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